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Learn about Kintone's engineering efforts. Kintone is provided by Cybozu Inc., a Tokyo-based public company founded in 1997.

Entries from 2022-01-01 to 1 year

Let’s Reimagine Groupware Together

By Hirotaka Yamamoto (@ymmt2005) and Nimrod Grinvald (@ngrinvald) Step back in time with us to 1997. Two years from now, Marc Benioff will found Salesforce in a San Francisco apartment and declare “The End of Software.” Soon, his product w…

Five Things to Prepare for Cgroup v2 with Kubernetes

By Daichi Sakaue (@yokaze) Above all the effort of the community, Kubernetes is now ready to run with cgroup v2. We recently migrated our on-premises Kubernetes clusters to use cgroup v2 and discovered some key points to know. This blog po…